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Cole Cosby was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and raised in

the small town of Sicklerville, New Jersey. While in school, Cole was

always considered the class clown, which often left him in trouble,

but he loved to make his fellow classmates smile. Stand-up comedy

sparked Cole’s interest in middle school where he began to watch

legends such as Bill Cosby, Dave Chappelle, and Eddie Murphy. This

inspired him to jot down ideas for his own stand up even though he

had not yet summoned the courage to perform.


Cole’s first time performing stand-up comedy came during his junior

year of college (age 20) at an open mic on Temple University’s campus

(where he graduated with a degree in Civil Engineering). To his surprise the performance went well and resulted in his passion for performing.

Since that day, Cole has performed in several shows with professional comedians. These shows scoped the east coast from Philadelphia to South Jersey, and even New York City! Along with performing at the Broadway Comedy Club and Punchline Philly, he also competed in Helium Comedy Club's Philly's Phunniest competition. With only one year of performing underneath his belt, Cole reached the Semifinals, placing top 18 in a competition that began with more than 280 comics from the Tri-State Area.



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